Confirmed Lecturers and Speakers

Guido Burkard (Universität Konstanz, Germany) [Lectures on Monday and Tuesday]

Yiwen Chu (ETH Zürich, Switzerland) [Lectures on Wednesday and Thursday]

J. Ignacio Cirac (MPQ Garching, Germany) [Talk on Tuesday]

Per Delsing (Chalmers University, Sweden) [Lectures on Monday and Tuesday]

Barbara Kraus (Universität Innsbruck, Austria) [Lectures on Monday and Tuesday]

Javier Aizpurua (Center for Material Physics (CSIC-UPV/EHU) and DIPC) [Talk on Wednesday]

Klaus Mølmer (Aarhus University, Denmark) [Lectures on Thursday and Friday]

Sander Otte (TU Delft, The Netherlands) [Lectures on Monday and Tuesday]

Steven Simon (Oxford University, UK) [Lectures on Wednesday and Thursday]

Luis Martín-Moreno (ICAM CSIC- Universidad Zaragoza, Spain) [Lectures on Thursday and Friday]